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article from STM-OnlineEnglish translation of a contribution to a debate about the status of music history in Swedish musicology.

Blondel’s SongSummary of a paper in musicology, written in Swedish in 1996-97.

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Beyond Good and Atonal: Piano music

Sheet music album with piano/keyboard works composed 1964-2014
These keyboard pieces range from short and simple etudes for piano beginners to works employing somewhat more complex textures and techniques.
The music in the album can be played as a suite of works in a piano recital, or be performed in any order and selection of numbers from the collection, as the player finds necessary, tasteful and enjoyable.
Of course, ‘keyboard’ means that the chosen instrument can (for many but not all of the pieces) be something other than an acoustic piano.
For example, a cembalo (harpsichord) or a church organ, or an electronic keyboard with suitable instrument sounds.

link to ScoreExchange sheet music online

Vogue la Galère (new song)

länk till noterna

E. G. Geijer: På nyårsdagen 1838

Ensam i bräcklig farkost vågar
seglaren sig på det vida hav;
stjärnvalvet över honom lågar,
nedanför brusar hemskt hans grav.
Framåt! — så är hans ödes bud;
och i djupet bor, som uti himlen, Gud.

Lonesome in brittle dory dares the
sailor set sail for the deep, wide waves;
boreal aurora-flaming stares the
night at his unseen, roaring grave.
Forward! his fate commands on-board;
and in the depths lives, like in the heavens, the Lord.

(översättning MaLj  2016-12-13)

The City Composing, Stockholm: “Vårkväll i Frescati” by Maria Ljungdahl, performed by Hara Alonso, piano

“Vårkväll i Frescati”, performed 26 May 2015 at KMH, Stockholm, by Hara Alonso, piano, a piece composed by Maria Ljungdahl (Maritune Art & Music) and submitted to the project “The City Composing”. Sheet music (copyright 2015 Maria Ljungdahl, STIM) available as pdf download, screen viewing/listening, or direct print out at Score Exchange