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“The device of this invention thus provides a highly efficient heat exchanger which is of simple and economical fabrication and which can be readily disassembled for replacement, repair or cleaning of components.”


“A heat exchanger is formed from heat exchanger elements having coextensive parallel channels for carrying the fluids between which the heat transfer is to be accomplished. These channels are relatively narrow so as to permit efficient heat transfer from the fluid to the channel walls and may be formed from continuous strips of heat conducting material wound in a spiral. In order to minimize the pressure drop in the spiral shaped channels, they are fed into common channels after only a fraction of a full turn. Heat is transferred from the fluid in one of the heat exchange elements to the fluid in the other of such elements from the walls of the first element through a diaphragm which is interposed between the two elements to the walls of the second element. The components of the heat exchanger are mechanically clamped together so that they can readily be disassembled for replacement, repair or cleaning.”

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