Songs after Swedish poems (work in progress)

Op. 17 Romanser och sånger. Songs after Swedish poems.

A song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano by M. E. Ljungdahl

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A silk worm (1644)

Epiphany (1922)

Breeze upon the moor (1990)

Almost winter (1990)

The ballad of a Chinese picture (1980)

Magpies sit on the highest spire (c. 1750)

Vogue la galère (1838)

Lament (1753)

An entrusted pain (1986)

Strange elements (2011)

from Exile (1876)

The cornucopia of inhabited worlds (2009)

Adversity and Providence (1772)

My heart’s delight, how still! (1651)

(the years mentioned in the titles of the songs are when the poems were written or first published)

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