En kommentar om en ny Microsoftprodukt på en blogg som länkades av en annan musikblogg idag:

ANABlog: Microsoft, Please Make It Stop!!!: “I guarantee it’ll be the most painful 4 minutes you spend today”

Ja. Alldeles riktigt. 

[edit: on another forum I found this comment in a discussion about the software and a bunch of music videos made from vocal tracks of classic rock songs: “All this songsmith stuff is like an alternative reality where Elvis and rock and roll never existed…like the music industry just never stopped cranking out Perry Como and Pat Boone. Songsmith is what the whole hep world would have all been listening to for the past 50 years if the Nazis had won the war.”]

[more: This video, for example, shows what happens when you let the vocals of Tom Jones generate a backing track. In 2009! It obviously doesn’t help if the instruments are by Garritan and the programming by other respectable people.]

[updated: there is a blog post from “Dial M for Musicology” that includes a very funny music video from YouTube]