Fireworks and ferries

I am watching the dark sea and the horizon. Soon the fireworks will explode everywhere – in the village, and across the water. Other lights in this dark winter evening are coming from the ferries – huge vessels slowly and almost silently moving half-hidden behind the nearest islands.

I wish all readers a Happy New Year 2006!

2 thoughts on “Fireworks and ferries

  1. I'm a bit late, but this reminds me of my own New Year's Eve. The new house is so close to the city harbor that we had only to go out on the third floor deck to see the municipal fireworks. It was a most fitting end to a very difficult year (and month!). You might like our new neighborhood, Maria. We're not so close to the harbor that we can see the water from the house, but we're really only a few blocks away. I feel more and more at home here.

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