Fashionist Nonsense

Went shopping for a new handbag. Knew very little in advance about the fashionist faiblesse for certain designer bags and purses, but the first thing I found (in the first shop) that looked like something I could use – the grey-black bag I went back to buy after I had looked at all possible solutions of the carry-around-things problem in a couple of other stores – turned out to be a look-alike copy of the bag ‘everyone’ is said to desire most of all these days, according to the fashion journalists – a Mulberry Roxanne. When I found out (through a little googling and a little magazine reading), it was embarrassing. Am I that easily fooled, so I subconsciously remember a picture of a nice bag in an article I obviously read some months ago without paying attention (fashion has never been an interest of mine)? I can’t remember having seen anyone in my little corner of the world carry something that resembles this design.