Web Log

Today (or yesterday) I have looked at these web pages:


Att lära sig lyssna på Bartok, och andra tankar om kultur, av Stefan Johansson.


Composer Jane Gardner.


Music publishing at SibeliusMusic.


An article about will power, self-discipline, and “moral muscles”.


“No matter how often the commercial cart is put before the horse of art, the noble steed is never going to water-ski.”

“Monotony, like pain, is endurable in short doses. Stretched over two CDs lasting two and a half hours, it arouses dangerous emotions in those who last the course – an irresistible urge to strangle the ‘concept developers’, having first held the heads of each and every one of the composers under water until they promise to write nothing but atonal sonatas and musical sudokus for the rest of their ingratiating lives.”

(from the latest Lebrecht article.


some pages with info about the movie “Tara Road”: